Matthias Kamann

Matthias Kamann

I’m an entrepreneur & professional “new-Swede”

… is what I usually answer when people ask me what I’m doing.

How to be Swedish: A Quick Guide to Swedishness – In 55 Steps

It took me several years to find out that I should probably write a book about my experiences in Sweden. After three years of interviews, research and collecting “steps”, I finally published this Guide to Swedishness. It is now available on Amazon and in all Swedish book stores.

The German edition, Schweden für Anfänger: Wie du Schwedisch wirst – in 55 Schritten is also available on Amazon.

How to be Swedish is also available at IKEA Museum in Älmhult (IKEA Headquarter) and Volvo Museum in Gothenburg




Hej Sweden

My Sweden blog, since 2011

Facebook: Hej Sweden | Instagram: @hejsweden | Twitter: @HejSweden

Småland Design

… when my Sweden experiences aren’t turned into written words, photos or videos but rather graphic design for posters and other Swedish souvenirs.

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