About Matthias Kamann

Well, here’s a little about me…

I was born in 1980. Grew up in Germany, on a farm, situated in the middle of a metropolitan area, called Ruhrgebiet. So, yes, I know the smell of cow poo and sound of motorways very well.

Matthias about how to be Swedish

In 2005 I went to Sweden for a semester abroad. The day I arrived at the  campus of Växjö University in August that year, I immediately fell in love with Sweden and the Swedes.

During the first term I got the opportunity to stay one more term. So, one semesters turned into two. Then I got the permission to finish my studies with a Swedish Master degree, resulting in a second year in Sweden. After that I went back to Germany, for one year. During that year, I missed Sweden and the Swedish people, a lot.

Since 2008 I have been living in the South of Sweden – mostly in Växjö, but also in Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala – and now you can find me writing my working with my laptop over a cup of coffee in the idyllic cafés of Kristianstad.

“What do you work with?”
Well, I help other people to understand Swedish culture, by writing about it, in books or on the web, as well as creating design products that are inspired by Sweden.

In my leisure time I enjoy a walk along the shores of idyllic lakes and discover new sights or beautiful places in the South of Sweden.

Still, after a a couple of years in this beautiful country, I get surprised and fascinated by the Swedish quirks and cultural differences that appear in everyday life.

In my book, “How to be Swedish I share my most important tips, so you won’t have to experience the same pitfalls I did, and help you understand why the Swedes are the way they are – sometimes weird but mostly lovely.

Blog about Sweden

For several years I have been writing about Sweden. Here you can find useful information about Sweden and how to interact with Swedes:

In English hejsweden.com/en/
And in German: hejsweden.com

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