Recent Work & Projects

How to be Swedish (book)

Sweden guide. This book helps Sweden visitors  to understand and connect with Swedish people and avoid culture shocks.

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Hej Sweden (websites)

Websites (English and German) as well as social media channels about Swedish culture and quirks.

Hej Sweden –


Småland Design

Design prints and products
For example: “Växjö Domkyrka”

Soon: Shop of Sweden (webshop)

Buy Swedish products: “Made in Sweden” and original “Swedish Design”

Soon: Haus Schweden (website)

You want to rent or buy a house in Sweden? This site will deliver all the necessary information for your dream house in Sweden.

Marketing Consulting

Online Marketing and International Marketing consulting, (country expert, Sweden and Germany).
For more information about how I can help your company to better understand or reach out to Swedish or German customers, send an email to:
marketing (at)

Past: I Love Växjö Campus (website, webshop)

Website & webshop for all who love campus life in Växjö.

It has been a while since I have been working on this website (therefore it has possibly some slightly outdated content), but the shop and its products are still very popular.

Further projects

Art project: “Value Art”

Artwork about how much the price for an item influences our perception of its value.

The “1 Million Dollar Painting” is still for sale… and it would perfectly fit on the wall behind your sofa, wouldn’t it ;)

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