Explore Sweden – Map Explanation

Find out what each point on the map stands for. See list below …

Explore Sweden by Matthias Kamann

Explore Sweden Map Explanation

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  1. Northern lights: The further north you go the more likely it is to view Nothern lights. In some rare circumstances you can even spot them from the south of Sweden.
  2. Hotel with no heating: Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi
  3. Mountain: Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise
  4. Midnight sun: Northern polar circle
  5. Salmon land: Norway. They sell a lot of salmon.
  6. Cars drifting on lakes: Arjeplog. Car companies and suppliers the winter testing of their unreleased models there.
  7. Lots of trees: Just a random spot on the map, indicating that (particularly the north of) Sweden has a lot of trees/forest.
  8. Bears: An area where more bears than usual live. There are no bears in the south of Sweden or in towns. So don’t be afraid.
  9. Basically just nature: Random spot, saying that Sweden is rich of nature and stunningly beautiful landscapes.
  10. North of Sweden: Most people in Sweden live in the southern part, south of Stockholm. Everything above the line “North of Sweden” is considered “the North”.
  11. Wooden horses: Home of the dala horses. Dalarna.
  12. Wolves: An area with more wolves than usual. It is rare that wolves are seen in the south of Sweden. But it occasionally happens.
  13. Very big lake: Lake Vänern
  14. Big lake: Lake Vättern
  15. Station wagons: Volvo, Trollhättan
  16. Fishing huts: Smögen
  17. Fish church: Fiskekyrkan, fish market in Gothenburg that looks like a church
  18. Beach: Very nice beach in Tylösand, close to Halmstad
  19. Very fast cars: Koenigsegg, hypercar manufacturer in Ängelholm
  20. Twisted tower: Skyscraper “Turning torso” in Malmö
  21. Huge bridge: Öresund bridge, connecting Sweden with Denmark (or Malmö with Copenhagen)
  22. Students in a park: Lund. Particularly at Valpurgis night, students gather in the city park to celebrate.
  23. Previously Denmark: Skåne/Scania, was previously part of the Danish Kingdom. People joke that people from Skåne want to become Danish again.
  24. Vodka: Home of Absolut Vodka, Åhus.
  25. Flat-pack furniture: Home of IKEA, Älmhult.
  26. A lot of lakes: City that is surrounded by many lakes, Växjö. Also in the area around Växjö, in Småland, you find plenty of lakes and beautiful landscapes.
  27. Sheep: Fårö (which means Sheep island), is an island in the north of the island Gotland.
  28. Moose parks: You find several moose parks in this region of Småland. And thereby… German tourists.
  29. Pippi Longstocking: Astrid Lindgrens World in Vimmerby
  30. ABBA Museum: Well, ABBA Museum, in Stockholm
  31. Candy canes: Gränna, close to lake Vättern. A beautiful little town.
  32. Old university: Uppsala. By the way that’s where Celsius came up with his popular temperature scale.
  33. Burning straw goat: In the city of Gävle a huge straw bock (which is considered typical Swedish Christmas decoration) is placed in the park every year. And almost every time someone lights it up.
  34. Red color: Falun (the location where the typically Swedish red color comes from)
  35. Arctic fox: Home of the outdoor clothing company Fjällräven (which means “arctic fox”)
  36. Birch trees: City Umeå. There are lots of birch trees in and around Umeå.
  37. Cheese: Home of the in Sweden very popular cheese maker Västerbottens ost
  38. Snowmobiles: Random spot indicating there are lots of snowmobiles in the north of Sweden
  39. Treehouses: Tree hotel. You have probably already seen a picture of the “room” that looks like a cube where the walls look like mirrors. Pretty cool, isn’t it?!
  40. Arctic circle: Well pretty self-explanatory, I guess.
  41. Husky sledding: Kiruna
  42. Reindeers: In the north you find lots of reindeers, sometimes crossing land roads in large flocks.
  43. Sauna land: Well, that’s Sweden’s friendly neighbour in the east … Finland.

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