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“Where should I do my grocery shopping?” “Where should I meet my friends for a coffee or eating lunch?” – This Campus Guide offers short reviews and valuable information about the most important places on and around Växjö Campus.

Top Locations You Need to Know

The Library

The core of Växjö Campus.

Come here if: … you want to study. Or if you do not want to study at all.

Don’t be fooled by: …the wooden floor. It doesn’t absorb the noise of high heels that well.

…more, opening hours etc.  http://lnu.se/ub/



The student pub of your choice on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Come here if: … you’d like to meet exactly the same people that you use to see in the library or in your business lectures.

Don’t be fooled by: … painful bruises on your feet – you probably just crossed the dance floor of Sivans.

Brunch: Sat 11.00-13.00

… more www.sivans.com/


The student pub of your choice on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Come here if: … you’d like to meet exactly the same people that you use to see in the library or in the PG or Lyan buildings.

Don’t be fooled by: … the dance floor on the second floor. As soon as more than two people start jumping simultaneously, it starts shaking.

…more http://www.slottsstallarna.net

Cafés & Restaurants

Café Tufvan

Cozy and friendly cafe with reasonably priced fika and lunch. The perfect place to drink a tea in one of the XXL-sized cups and relax in the old fashioned, granny-style sofas while reading a book or having a chat with your friends.

Come here if: … you want to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family.

Don’t be fooled by: … the acoustics. People in the room next door still can hear you whispering your secret weekend stories to your friends.


Well, mhh, just a simple, a bit boring café. Does it’s job.

Come here if: … the queue in the library café is very long and you just can’t wait to get your coffee.

Don’t be fooled by: … lunch menu – Kristinas offers more value for money.

…more http://www.hors.se/cafe-karl-oskar


Stylish café with a pleasant atmosphere. One of the loveliest places on campus. If you like to watch people passing by, fetch a bar chair at the window and enjoy “the 1 o’clock catwalk”.

Come here if: …you want be distracted from studying and coincidentally meet some of your friends.

Don’t be fooled by: … the window. People can see through it from the inside AND outside.

…more http://www.hors.se/restaurang/prego-astrakan/

Restaurang Kristinas

Reasonably priced meals.

Come here if: …you don’t want to pay a few extra crowns for the restaurant Rasken

Don’t be fooled by: …the 12 o’clock queue. Skip it by getting there 5 minutes before or 15 minutes after 12.

…more http://www.hors.se/kristina

Restaurang Rasken

More expansive but also higher quality than Restaurang Kristinas. Coffee and a small cake is included in the price for a meal. You have to try the dark bread with a little butter from the sallad bar, it tastes amazing, really!

Come here if: … you don’t know how much a liter milk costs.

Don’t be fooled by: …other customers. You might find yourself sitting next to your teacher, feeling obliged to have some lecture-related small talk.

…more http://www.hors.se/rasken

Maestro Pizzeria

A Pizzeria

Come here if: … you want to watch football while waiting for your order.

Don’t be fooled by: … the names of the the pizzas (Matrix, Top Gun, Pacino, Stallone …) – they really are not related to the toppings at all.

…more http://www.maestrovaxjo.se

Teleborgs Slott

Probably Växjö’s most impressive building. Classy, stylish and not as old as you might think (1900). Gives Campus some kind of “old, established university” charm.

Come here if: … you want to impress someone who is over for a visit and you perceive as relatively old.

Don’t be fooled by: … the stairs. You will most likely be out of breath when you reach the entrance.

… more http://www.teleborgsslott.com/

Brygghuset (Brewhouse)

The “new kid on the block” opened in 2013 is a lunch alternative to Rasken. But also good for fika and Wednesday After Work. If you ate too much and feel that you’re going to fall into a food-coma, you can also get a room in the same building.

Come here if: … you want to impress your date and show him or her that you have some class.

… more http://www.teleborgsslott.com/


Olympen träningscenter

Reasonably priced  students’ gym.

Come here if: … you want to keep your body in shape. (Preferably not between 6 and 7 pm in the evening – it’s totally crowded then)

Don’t be fooled by:  … the believe that all people put on deodorant. The gym’s predominant body odor proves the opposite.

… morehttp://www.olympentraningscenter.se/

Snacks and magazines


Snacks, fast food, fuel, open 24 hours. So think of it as a Swiss army knife among the shops around campus.

Come here if: … your car indicates an almost empty fuel tank or if you feel a strong desire for a hamburger or sausage after a night at Stallarna or Sivans.

Don’t be fooled by: … the beer sold there. It contains almost as much as soft drinks.

… more https://www.statoil.se/sv_SE/pg1334072572280/st1/Sok-station.html?stationid=22827&countryid=se


It’s like Statoils’ little sister (no fuel or beer though). You (if you still don’t know about the capabilities of the internet) can rent DVDs there.

Come here if: … you don’t think saving two crowns for a Coke, chocolate or chips is worth walking to ICA.

Abbas Falafel

Alias “Falafel Vagnen”, “Kebab Mannen”

Fresh falafel, hamburger, kebab and fish & chips.

Come here if: … you need a midnight snack right after a party night in Stallarna or Sivans.

…more: http://abbasfalafel.wordpress.com/ or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbbasFalafelVaxjo

Grocery shopping



Come here if: … you have no hangover or parents that succeeded teaching you how to spend money in a responsible way.

Don’t be fooled by: … Willy:s’ Eldorado brand. Its quality mostly is as low as its price.

… more http://www.willys.se/Vara-butiker/Butiker/Vaxjo/

ICA – Teleborg Centrum

More expansive, has more premium products than Willy:s. Crossing campus with ICA plastic bags in your hands might cause the impression that you are either rich or lazy.

Come here if: … you have a terrible hangover and you’re afraid you might collapse walking the 500 extra meter to Willy:s.

Don’t be fooled by: … discount signs.It’s still expansive.

… more http://www.ica.se/supermarket/teleborg

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