No Guest Posts on My Blog? Here is Why

[Disclaimer: the post below is a partly improved translation of my original text written in German. Improvements made by Google Gemini.]

No Guest Posts on Hej Sweden

Imagine sitting down at a table in a Swedish café, for a fika with a friend, ready for a chat about experiences in Sweden. That’s the feel I aim for at Hej Sweden – personal and genuine.

Guest Posts: Link in Disguise?

Since Hej Sweden has reached high popularity among readers and received a respectable Domain Authority (currently 49, according to Moz in February 2024), I receive requests to publish guest posts almost every day – although I state that I won’t publish any guest posts on all contact and about pages on Hej Sweden. Of course these mails are sent to scraped email lists, not by any person directly, which is why I delete them right away, unanswered.

Guest posts on other sites

Let’s be real, the main reason for publishing a guest post is to get a link from an authoritative site and thereby improve ones search engine ranking. Although the content might be useful and entertaining, but a “guest post” label screams “SEO, not stories!” and it might even smell “oh, someone is selling out here”” I want my readers, to know they are getting the real deal, not generic content with hidden agendas.

One Voice, One Story

Hej Sweden is my own story, my perspective on Sweden. Guest posts would disrupt the flow. I do believe that readers appreciate a congruent voice and persona when they read books as well as blogs.

Hej Sweden: Quality Counts

Unlike some link-heavy blogs, Hej Sweden focuses on quality, not quantity. I handpick topics, serving Sweden visitors’ curiosity about Sweden related topics. My goal isn’t just to share useful information about Sweden but to deliver it in a way that, at least sometimes, makes the reader smile.

Guest Posts: No – Ads: Yes

I love sharing my insights on Sweden, but running this website requires considerable time and money, and, as you can imagine, the cinnamon bun and coffee in a Swedish café (where I do major parts of my writing) need financing, too :) . As you now know I decline offers to publish guest post even though it would be a quick fix to get easy money. But, “authenticity and credibility first”. However, I do offer paid advertising opportunities, if you have a product or service which is relevant and valuable to share with my Sweden-interested audience. Transparency and honesty is crucial, so any advertisements are clearly labeled.

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