New Poster Design “Växjö Domkyrka” – Mentioned on Växjö City’s Instagram

Recently, the owner of the Swedish handcraft and souvenir shop “Hantverket” in Växjö sent me a screenshot of his Instagram feed. It showed Växjö City’s Instagram post – a picture of my “Växjö Domkyrka” design. Reading the comment @vaxjocity wrote made me extremely glad.

It’s just about two months ago that I started with print design, and already, the response is more than I hoped for. I am surprised and excited that so many like the design idea. It also made me feel thankful that so many “Växjöbo” (citizens of Växjö) want this design in their living room, or wherever they want to place it to express their love to this beautiful city.

Here is Växjö City’s post on Instagram

Buy “Växjö Domkyrka” at Hantverket in Växjö or in my online shop (Shop of Sweden)

I created this poster because I wanted a minimalistic black & white poster of Växjö, but couldn’t find any. So I decided to create one myself.

The overwhelming response motivates me even more to continue expressing my love for Växjö, Småland and other beautiful places and regions in Sweden through new designs.

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I’m looking forward to read your comments and tweets.